Heineken - Magic

A magic trick is brought to life when a Heineken disappears to the surprise of his friend. Playing off the tagline 'Open Your World' we created a spot that does just that.

A spec commercial for Heineken to build up the directing reel. Shot in a day with an amazing crew… Massive thanks to everyone who helped make it happen!

Director / Editor: Dan Cooper
DOP: Daniel Foeldes
1st AC: Sarah Hadley
2nd AC: Pete Wells
Gaffer: Andy Robertson
Grip: David Litchfield
Sound Recordist: Mark Van Kool
VFX: Heckler
Additional VFX: Dan Cooper
Colourist: Sam Chynoweth
Sound Mix: Rumble Studios

Magician: Benjamin Scott
Friend: Blair Dwyer
Couch guy: Paul Ayre

Soundtrack: Nina Simone – I Put A Spell On You.

Red Bull - Wings

A skateboarder takes flight. Playing off the well established tagline 'Gives You Wings' we created a stylised and striking spot putting the literal into the figurative messaging of the brand.

Director / Producer/ Editor: Dan Cooper
DOP: Daniel Foeldes
1st AC: Sarah Hadley
Additional Camera: Ari Wegner
Steadicam: Tim Walsh
Grip: Damian Heckendorf
Production Assistant: Adrian Adermann
VFX: Method Studios
Colourist: Sam Chynoweth
Sound Mix: Rumble Studios
Equipment supplied by: Red Apple Camera Rentals

Skateboarder: Adam Haydec

Soundtrack: The Black Angels – Young Men Dead

Navman PND Clips

A series of sort, comical videos related to different features of Navman’s personal navigation system but taking a different route, creatively speaking, to conventional advertising in the GPS arena.

Navman - Drive SUV (Directors Cut)

Made up entirely of still images, this piece goes exploring with Navman’s Drive SUV as a couple adventure together.

Hoyts Recliner TVC

TVC for Hoyts new luxury recliner cinemas.

Navman Big Rig 2018

A series of short videos for Navman's Big Rig DUO.

Brother Printers Inflight

Created specifically for Virgin’s inflight entertainment, we developed the design and type treatment for the piece to evoke a sense of fun and excitement for Brother’s new speedy printer.

Integrating 2D cell animation and motion graphics into a live-action plate, and supported by a complimentary sound design to fit the visual aesthetic, the entire piece was produced almost as quickly as the printer can spit out pages.

Motion Reel

A montage of various motion projects all in one place.

Changed World

Belly Of The Beast

Trailer for a proof of concept for Changed World; a new sci-fi anthology series exploring the extreme lengths people will go to survive in a post-apocalyptic future where starvation, exploitation and mutated beasts are everyday threats to survival.

The series is currently in development.

In this episode, WREN discovers what survival really costs when she’s forced to make a choice between saving herself or her best friend.

Reflect - Short Film (Promo)

A short film about a man tormented by his reflection.

Luna Grand_ChaseTheWorld

To launch the new EP for the band, we made a stylised music video combining various techniques, ending up with lots and lots of composited layers and lighting setups.

Director / Editor: Dan Cooper
DOP: Daniel Foeldes
Additional Camera: Ari Wagner
Production Assistant: Adrian Adermann

Soundtrack: Luna Grand ‘Chase The World’